Monday, February 3, 2020

I’m With You

To be perfectly honest, today was a rough day. 

Oh, nothing too traumatic happened to rock my little corner of the universe. But it was a day marked by sad memories, waves of grief, and painful emotions. 

And sometimes, on days like this, the world feels like a dark and lonely place. 

I don’t know how to stop days like this from happening. Can’t imagine that there is a way to stop them. 

But I do know how to minimize their awfulness. 

By sharing them. 

By reaching out to other people who know those same memories and griefs and pain, and just saying, “I’m with you.”

Those three little words don’t change anything. 

But the effect they have on our hearts can change everything. 

And when I remember to say those words, the world does not seem so dark after all.
Leaving Columbus, Ohio in the glorious light of sunset.

* * * * *

Who on earth would choose to go to the icy Midwest during the darkest days of winter? 
I do, and I invite you to read all about it. 

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