Monday, February 3, 2020

Columbus To-Do List
But first, breakfast. I like to start my Columbus days with an egg sandwich at the Fox in the Snow.

Seems like it's been only a hot minute since my second-born moved to Ohio, but the fact is that she's lived there over a year and a half now. And counting my latest visit during this last week of January, I've come to see her five times now. 

Which is amazing. 

And while at first, we fumbled around to find a rhythm to my Midwestern visits, we have settled into a predictable routine.  

During the first few days I'm in town, we run errands. 

Stocking up on household essentials. 
Rounding up supplies for a repair job or two 
Getting my opinion on possible purchases
And of course, tracking down more plants and more pots. 

Then, where these more mundane tasks are completed, we dip into her list of interesting places to visit: the conservatory, the library, the art museum. That sort of thing. 

And our meals are a mash-up of visiting our ever-growing list of favorite restaurants and cooking up her favorite meals at home. 

So over these past eighteen months, our visit agendas have settled into a comfortable and predictable groove. Not sure when I'll be next be back in Ohio, but I'm pretty sure I know what will be on our next Columbus to-do list. 

* * * * *

Who on earth would choose to go to the icy Midwest during the darkest days of winter? 
I do, and I invite you to read all about it. 

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