Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Morning Sadnesses

Last night, life was just a bowl of cherries but this morning, I feel kinda sad

Some mornings, you are jolted abruptly from sleep. And instead of feeling fresh and excited for a new day, you already feel tired and used up. All the trials of yesterday still blaze in your brain; the frustrations and heartaches have only intensified during the night. 

That's a situation that calls for immediate action:

A bowl of leftover stir-fry, brought upstairs to be eaten in bed while it's still piping hot. 

Moments of peaceful non-thinking  while listening to the gentle deep breaths of a loyal and sleepy dog. 

Prayers for wisdom and peace. 

And a reminder that these burdens are nothing more or less than a part of life. They will lighten as the sun climbs higher in the sky; they may or may not return tomorrow. And that's okay. 

Then you shake off these morning sadnesses and begin the rest of your day. 

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