Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Turquoise And Orange

When I was a little girl, my home was decorated in mid-century modern style. 

Back then, my mom called it Danish design. We didn't think of ourselves as mid-centurions just yet. 

Crisp white walls 
Teak sofa and side chairs
Hairpin leg tables
Pole lamps

And here and there against the clean Scandinavian aesthetic, splashes of turquoise and orange. 

Even the front door was painted turquoise. My mom's brazen use of color set the neighbors' tongues a-waggin', and I'm sure they were mad jealous of her bold sense of style. 

* * * * *

All these images and memories come flooding back to me whenever, like today, I see a composition of turquoise and orange. 

A walk through the produce aisle turns into a stroll down memory lane, and that is a nice little surprise in my day. 

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