Monday, January 11, 2016

My Grow Buddy

After another long December of picking endless sodden, rotting leaves off my precious houseplants. my brain suddenly fired up.

My wild assortment of succulents, cacti, and tropical types thrives all year... but sometime around Thanksgiving, the group collectively begins to falter. And by January, the whole lot of them looks tired, worn down, and sorely in need of two weeks in Mexico.

The problem, so obvious to me now, is a lack of sunlight.

Winter months here at the forty-eighth parallel are not exactly bright and shining. Can't hardly blame my growing babies for shutting down and turning to mush under these dark and dreary conditions.

And once I saw the problem clearly in my brain, the solution popped up alongside of it, just like that.

A grow light.

I need some artificial sun to bring my green things back into equilibrium.

From there, it was a quick leap to and ten minutes later, I had picked out a perfectly suitable light.

Now there were a lot of grow lights to choose from, but most of the features showed up in each description, and the prices were consistent. So I just let my instincts take over and choose the particular product that spoke to me.

And it wasn't until after I placed my order that I realized my new Grow Buddy light was specifically designed for marijuana enthusiasts.

Yep. I bought a light for growing weed.

Now that she's all set up and pouring her sweet magical growing light all over my plants, who crowd around her aura like sunbathers at Cabo. And honestly, my new Grow Buddy's roots as a Mary Jane jump-starter is nothing more than a marketing pitch.

But to tell you the truth, every time I glance over at my new lamp's weird purple glow, I have a silent little laugh with myself.

And now that it's legal to grow weed here in Washington, I'm seriously considering buying a marijuana plant to add to my collection.

Just for fun

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