Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Year's {Mini} Resolutions

I can't resist New Year's resolutions.

I'm a person who loves order and intention and lists and seeing what might be better and acknowledging that there is always, always room for improvement in life.

I like to try.

And to me, that's what resolutions are all about. Finding a new way to try.

This year, I am trying something new. Rather than choosing one overarching resolution that inspires me for the whole year, I am working on a monthly scheme. On the first day of each new month in 2015, I will give myself a new challenge.

For example, in January, I will drink only water.

Not sure how I will wind up each month. Maybe some resolutions will be worth keeping, and I will just adopt them as the new normal. But I may also find myself saying, "Hey, I did that for a month and it's dumb so I'm not doing it any more." That will be okay too.

So here I come, 2015. May my mini-resolutions light the way to some good changes in my life.

And may this new year be filled with light and love and blue skies full of endless possibilities.

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