Wednesday, December 31, 2014

My Christmas Cards Are So Last Year

This may not exactly count as a resolution, but traditionally, my last goal of the year is to get my Christmas cards mailed out by New Year's Eve.

I know. That may seem a little late. But my holiday greeting journey a process that cannot be rushed, and honestly, those on my mailing list have gotten used to my timetable.

Many times, I have mailed them in late January. Once, I mailed them in March.

My all-time record was July. Oh yes, I did send Christmas cards out in the middle of summer. Many people laughed. No one complained. I have no regrets.

But nowadays I try to hold myself to a more seasonal timeline. So I'm very happy to report that these babies are off my kitchen table and on their merry way to family and friends around the globe,

And that means I am definitely ready to ring in the new year.

Happy 2015!

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