Thursday, November 13, 2014

More Loose Ends

Still whomping away at that to-do list of mine, wrapping up the niggling odds and ends of half-done and semi-forgotten tasks and clearing a way for a new work project to begin.

Recently completed:

^ Found a cool old piece of plywood at the thrift store. It had been assembled into some kind of weird lap desk that held no allure for me. But I quickly feel in crazy love with the beautiful grain of this piece, even though it was lying under what was most likely several decades of dirt and grime. 

After a week or two of hemming and hawing about my deconstruction options, I finally set a plan of action. I ripped off the weird support pieces, sanded down this old relic to pure, clean, bare wood, and sealed it with several coats of matte finish. With a few felted feet attached to protect the underside from damage, this pretty piece of wood is ready to see new life as a landing pad for hot dishes, a gathering place for potted plants, or a piece of art in its own right. 


^ This painting has been in my head for close to a year, and it took me an absurd number of months to move from conceptualization to action. Early this fall, when I finally had gathered the materials, perfected my sketches, and begun to lay down the layers of color, I was inopportunely called away to visit my mom in Michigan. Then my motivation lay dormant for several more weeks until yesterday, when I finally kicked myself into gear and finished her up.


* * * * *

There are many indescribable joys in the life.

A baby's toes.
Driving fast on the open road.
A perfectly cooked steak.
Swimming under the stars.
Laughing till you cry.

But ranking among those most heartfelt pleasures is the sheer delight of finishing up long-delayed loose ends, and I must say, I am loving every minute.

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