Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Loose Ends

I'm itching to start a new home improvement project. 

Something big.
Something splashy.
Something that will bring some excitement and focus to my ho-hum November life.

But here's the problem. I have too many almost-finished projects clogging up my to-do lists that must be ticked off before I allow myself the pleasure of beginning something new.


This weekend, I worked on wrapping up my loose ends. 

 ^ This simple blue painting has been floating around my bedroom, looking for a place to call home. Finally, I just chose a spot and assigned it a piece of prime wall real estate right here, close to my bed. Done.

Note: I've already moved it. But at least it's still officially hanging on the wall.

^ For over six months, the top of this pie safe in my bedroom has been a barren wasteland, featuring nothing more than dust and the occasional pair of lightly-worn socks. I'm all for a clutter-free environment, but this was a bit extreme. So I went to the thrift store in search of something to add some minimalist style. Found a silvery mirror with clean lines, and an interesting copper vase. Done.

^ On my family room coffee table sits this terra cotta saucer full of candles that I burn almost every night. So I go through a lot of candles, and to keep costs down, I purchase only what's on sale at Target. This adorable but full-priced squirrel-topped gem has been taunting me all fall, and finally got marked down a few weeks ago. But when I brought him home and viewed him in the natural light of my family room, I realized that the coppery color of the furry mammal clashed badly with the metallic cover. Bothered me so much. So this weekend, I went off to the craft store for a matching shade of paint, and a few brush strokes later, all was in harmony. Done

Note: Interestingly, the two elements look to be entirely different colors in this photograph, so you'll just have to trust me that they match in real life. 

  ^ The plants on top of my white bedroom bookcase have long since passed their prime, and this orange painting was crying out for a new green friend. In my head, I held a firm vision of what I wanted, and when I finally dragged myself out to shop, found the perfect plant at Home Depot and my dream pot at the thrift store. Done and done.

^ Okay, a pink piggy bank is fine. But a gold piggy bank to hold my precious savings? That coordinates with my blissfully satisfying gold paper organizers and highly coveted gold Swingline stapler? Now that is a dream come true. So yeah, that lunatic spray painting out in her front yard on Sunday night? That was me. Done.

Note. Yes, this styled-up work station in my office is exactly the space I claimed did not need to be styled. Psh. I lied. Sue me. 

* * * * *

So yes, it's true! My to-dos are definitely shrinking, and I'm gaining crazy momentum for wrapping up the rest of the list as my satisfaction for getting stuff done propels me onward. Remaining loose ends, beware. I will wrap you up.

And get ready, Big Project, because I am coming your way. Won't be long now.

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