Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Roma In My Linen Closet

So lately, I've been daydreaming about my linen closet.

I know. That's a little over the top. But the cozy cupboard at the top of my stairs has been over-stuffed and under-serviced, full of mish-mashed odds and ends, for quite a long time, and I am quite sure I can do better.

Mmm, imagine the possibilities.

Crisply ironed sheets, color-coordinated to each bedroom.
Soft, fluffy towels, neatly stacked by size, and all in white, of course.
A few extra blankets, for cold nights and sick beds.
Colorful beach towels, rolled and artfully arranged in an oversize basket.
Two down pillows, because it just seems so luxurious to have extra pillows. 

And of course, my OCD fantasies wouldn't be complete without a decorative theme. 

I know. That also seems a little over the top. But every nook and cranny of a home can tell a story, and I love to peek into a little space and find a surprise inside. Why not hang some framed photograph inside the linen closet door?

I considered several possibilities.

Fields of lavender.
Baskets of fresh fruit.
Hand-pieced quilts.

But none of those subjects quite captured the sense of windblown freshness and sunshine-y clean that I had in mind.

And then it hit me. 


When she was in college, my second-born spent three months studying in Rome, Italy and took several billion photos during her stay. After a quick scan through her files, I found exactly the kind of shots I had in mind.

Blue skies.
Puffy white clouds.
Brilliant Mediterranean light.
And gorgeous sunlit architecture..

These photos capture precisely the mood that I want to evoke in my new-and-improved linen closet. Even the colors - blues and whites, ivory, gold and grey - satisfyingly coordinate with the neat stacks of sheets and towels that I fantasize will soon be filling the shelves.

And just in case these beautiful street scenes weren't enough, I also found this dreamy photo.

Just imagine folding those sun-warmed shirts, fresh and sweet-smelling, deliciously crisp from drying in the Roman breeze. They are the perfect inspiration for my linen closet update and now I can't wait to get started on the job.

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