Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Live And Let Live

Often times, on a warm summer day, I like to go out in my backyard and lounge in the sunshine. 

Of course, my faithful boy, Ranger, loyally accompanies me. When he seems me settle in to my chair, he saunters out into the sunshine and drops down into the cool grass beside me for a nap. 

But Ranger does not have the same passion for sunbathing that I do, and after a short while in the sunlit lawn, he gets up and looks for a shadier place to snooze. 

He can be quite inventive. 

I don't particularly appreciate the 80 pounds of gravity he inflicts on my poor tender plants. But I admire his creative problem-solving and his unending faithfulness to keeping me company 

So I have decided to live and let live

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