Saturday, July 12, 2014

Scenic Penang

Build a city on a lush green tropical island and you are bound to find some spectacular views. This assortment of cityscapes from my camera roll proves that Penang is indeed a pretty and delightfully scenic place.

^ If those jungle-covered mountains form the backbone of the island, then these white high rises must be the vertebrae. I'm pretty sure that makes no anatomical sense whatsoever, but this is what I think about whenever I take in this sight.

^ Somewhere between Penang's Chinatown and Little India, I found this adorable street. Probably could not locate it again to save my life. 

^ The mainland of peninsular Malaysia lies to the west of Penang Island but seems a distant memory when I stare out at that glorious water.

^ Can't you just imagine this harbor filled with sailing ships on anchor, seeking safety from the ferocious monsoons? Arg, me matey, be a'watch out for the pirates. 

^ Me above the sea. 

I hate to ruin the poetry of this lovely composition, but I'm standing in a parking garage for the shopping mall in Gurney. We were so busy taking photos that we lost track of the car, and upon our return, had to search for quite some time to find it again. 

Real life problems in such a pretty place. Oh, Penang, you amuse me no end.

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I spent a weekend in Penang, Malaysia and lived to tell the tale. Read the full story here:

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