Sunday, June 1, 2014

Guess Who's Coming To Dinner

Check out this massive Vietnamese feast. The menu included:

Stuffed squid
Grilled pork
Grilled fish
Beef stir fry
Sautéed morning glories
Fish soup
Steamed rice
Ice-cold Coca

Every delicious bite was lovingly prepared by my third-born's boyfriend's parents, and served to me in their beautiful home here in Danang. 

And if the sheer magnitude of soul-satisfying courses was not enough, their hospitality took this meal over the top. 

Despiite my unending appetite, my bowl remained full throughout the meal as my host quietly added one succulent morsel after the next, ensuring that I received a prime serving of each dish. Each sip of Coke was replaced with a fresh pour so that a full, frosty glass was always before me. 

And my hostess smiled and beamed at my enthusiasm for her handiwork, especially our shared love of the sautéed morning glories. Between the two of us, we surely polished off most of the huge plateful. 

In other words, I was treated just like a pampered American princess. And I must admit, I enjoyed every indulgent and incredibly yummy moment. 

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