Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Polka Dot Dreams

A few months ago, I decided that I wanted a headboard.

Didn't need to be fancy or plush or extravagant. Heaven knows it couldn't be expensive.

But I wanted something big and bold, to brighten up the place where I lie my head each night and begin each new day. Something to inspire my dreams and make me smile.

So you know what that means - I was off to DIY Land in a thrice. After a quick tour of Pinterest, I narrowed my options to a simple plywood frame wrapped in foam and batting, with a fresh canvas drop cloth stapled over the top to hold it all together. Tutorials for this sort of project abound, so I sat my reluctant handyman down in front of my favorite links to sort through the alternatives and come up with a workable plan.

Washing my hands of the messy construction details, I moved on to choosing a finishing fabric. Eighteen gazillion brainstorms later, I fell madly in love with these big white-on-tomato-soup-orangey-red polka dots from IKEA. I adore their organic shapes and wobbly lines.

They are so me.

The only tricky part of the whole project was perfecting the corners. I used my best origami skills to get the fabric to create a crisp, sharp edge, but the finished effect is a bit more squishy than I'd hoped. 

Oh well. Those charming polka dots more than make up for slightly floppy corners. I'm head over heels with the finished effect.

Alas, I've had no opportunity to buy new bedding to set off this new creation; I'm just working with what I have on hand. I'm crazy about the jolt of my tried-and-true bright green pillow shams against the reddish-orange headboard. The lone checkered throw pillow ties together the color scheme and mixes up the geometry with lots of itty bitty squares.

The brown comforter? Blah. It's rather uninspiring. But I'll give you one big, furry, four-legged hint as to why I use it.

Yes. My faithful dog sleeps at my feet every night, so it's a prudent gesture to cover my bed in a color that matches his fur. Not to mention the fact the way this comforter camouflages the rich earthy tones of the footprints that may result from his quick, early-morning trips outside. 

All in all, a practical comforter is a small price to pay for Ranger's loyalty and devotion. He keeps my feet warm and safe under a plain brown cover, while my head is full of polka dot dreams. 

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