Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Exploring Lines With Lokhman

Nothing beats a day exploring a new city. I don't need to go to every museum, eat at the best restaurants, or shop in the finest stores. What i like to do is look at the buildings.

More specifically, I am drawn to the clean lines and crisp geometry of modern architecture and city scenes. I like to wander around the streets, on foot or by car, letting my eyes drift over the scenery until some element jumps out at me: the strong vertical curve at the Telecom Malaysia building, the blocks of pastel color on an apartment complex, the brilliant reflection of ceiling lights on the grid of a white tile floor.

Here are a few examples of Kuala Lumpur's urban landscapes that fascinate me. And I offer many thanks and much gratitude to my generous, cheerful, and very interesting tour guide, Lokhman, who made this lovely day possible.

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