Saturday, December 22, 2012

Confessions Of A Shopping Mall Grinch

Tonight, for the first time in this Christmas season, I went to the mall.

The honest truth is that when it comes to shopping at the mall, I'm kind of a Grinch. I get overstimulated and overwhelmed by all the of shoppers and stores and sales and, let's be honest, hassles that come with a trip to the mall. The thought of the whole process shrinks my heart by three sizes, and that's why I avoid it as long as I possibly can.

But tonight I decided to face my fears.

Determined to finally track down a few items on my list that can best be purchased at a mall story,  I rolled into the parking lot around nine p.m. on the last Friday night before Christmas Day, took a deep breath, and made the leap into holiday retail madness...

And you know what? It was not horrible.

I enjoyed strolling through the crowded hallways and courtyards, full of happy, busy people. I found lots of workers who were glad to help me, making pleasant chitchat and sending me on my way with warm wishes for a Merry Christmas. And I found exactly what I needed, at the prices I expected to pay.

As I was walking back to my car, shocked and surprised by what a pleasant evening it had been, I came across this twinkly scene in an outdoor walkway.

And what happened then...?  Alderwood they say
That my Grinchy little heart
Grew three sizes that day!

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