Saturday, October 6, 2012

Button Up

Button monogram wall hangings. 

I am a fan of these easy, stylish, personal creations as a go-to handmade gift. These two hangings, similar to the ones I made last year, are for some of my favorite college students. But I find that they are perfect for baby showers, birthday parties, wedding gifts or any occasion meant to honor a special person in my life. 

I am also a fan of acknowledging people's names. Whether you love or hate your name, it still usually feels good when someone calls you by your name, and I love to incorporate names into my creations, such as I did with these graduation cards. While these hangings feature only the first initial of the recipient's first name, they still give a special nod to that word that defines us for all of our lives.

And heaven knows I am a fan of color, shape and pattern. It's so fun to choose just the right background paper for each hanging, taking into account the preferences and personality of the one who will receive it. I usually start with the paper, and then select the button color and ribbon at the same time, weighing out all the options and changing my mind several dozen times. 

Lastly, I am a fan of making these hangings. The process is simple: wrapping the paper around the canvas, then attaching the ribbon and backing. But best of all, I love sorting through my collection of buttons as if they were puzzle pieces, in order to find the right sizes to make the shape of the letter. At the same time, I look for a variety of shapes and shades to add interest and dimension to the finished product. It's a simple project, but also fun, relaxing and very satisfying.

If you're looking for a simple handmade project idea, consider this one. And who knows, it's entirely possible that I might just end up making one for you. 

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