Monday, July 30, 2012

Isabelle Kessedjian, Your Work Makes Me Smile

I'm such a fan of childlike art. I know, I know..most critics of art find it much more sophisticated and relevant to creatively expose the gritty underbelly of the human condition. While I acknowledge that there is great beauty in what may at first appear ugly and rough, and I can appreciate others' attempts to portray that, my heart always draws me deepest into a more childish form of expression.

Please meet Isabelle Kessedjian. She is a French artist who draws, paints, crochets, sculpts, and photographs in beautiful ways, and certainly seems to share my passion for childlike innocence in her art.

I first encountered her work on Instagram (follow her at kessedjian) and fell in love right away. The fresh presentation and simplicity of that platform perfectly capture the sweet charm of Isabelle's work.  

I love:

..her sweet little sketchbook drawings, usually featuring that little girl with pig tails,

..her cleverly sketched creatures that seem to be interacting with real-life objects,

..her darling still lifes of food, usually tiny, red, and precious,

..her use of simple and effective background materials, especially graph papers,

..her skillful and appealing crocheted creations,

..and her always-appealing fascination with the color spectrum

All of these photos came from her Instagram feed, and honestly, every single one of her 1103 photos is just as cute as the next. I've just begun to explore Isabelle's blog, which seems to feature plenty of fresh content in a similar vibe. Precious. I hope you'll check out her work..

As for me, I will be arranging my pens in rainbow order, photographing strawberries, and drawing pictures of smiling, pink-cheeked toddlers. Thanks for inspiring me, Isabelle Kessedjian!


  1. Hi, I really like your instagram pencil case, did you make it or did you buy it?

    1. All these pics belong to Isabelle Kessedjian, and she made the case herself. Adorable, right?!


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