Thursday, July 12, 2012

Fruits Of The Spirit: Faithfulness

Well, of course. What could embody faithfulness more precisely than my good dog, Ranger?

I'll tell you what. Nothing.

On an average day, Ranger's world revolves around me. He follows me every minute. He goes where I go, he reads my actions to predict his future, he sometimes tries to influence me. In a loud, whiny slash barky way.

But he is loyal and abiding and constant.

Especially when I am sick. Last May, I was down for most of a week, and did little more than move from my bed to the couch and back again.

And bless my dog's heart, he completely accepted this boring lifestyle, and followed me without question. This photo comes from one of those days. You would never guess he had been lying next to me for about 52 hours on end, would you. He looks quiet, calm and like he actually needs a nap. Trust me, he was quite well rested at this point.

The only reason Ranger chose to lie here and doze so peacefully is because he is a very faithful dog.

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