Thursday, May 31, 2012

International Love

There's something so satisfying about watching the odometer in my car turn over to a significantly new number. When all those nines turn to zeros, I feel not only a sense of accomplishment and rush of memories about all the places I've driven in the past, but also an excitement and exhilaration about what might be coming next.


This weekend, when my little blog's all-time page views reached the 10,000 mark, I felt the same giddy rush.  Honestly, as I go about the process of writing my posts, I'm not really thinking at all about the fact that others will be reading my words...I just write whatever is on my mind. It's only when I am looking back at my blog stats that I consider who might be interested in what I have to say, and I'm humbled and delighted to see that you are following along.

I'm particularly fascinated and honored to see that people around the planet are reading my words. Here are my all-time page views broken down by the top ten countries:

United States




United Kingdom





South Korea

This blog also has readers from Italy, Ukraine, South Africa, Australia, Indonesia, Namibia and Brazil. Wow!! So proud and excited to have readers and friends in countries all around the world!

* * * 

It's also interesting to look at my top ten most frequently viewed posts; let me count them down for you:

10. Handmade Valentine Love

This post captures a last-minute idea for making watercolor valentines. A fun process and a simple DIY; I especially like the bright colors and the un-fussy technique. Ripping paper is my kinda fun.

9. Khairul Hezry Is MAD About Books

Khairul is a passionate and devoted reader in Malaysia, a country that (according to him) does not love to read. In fact, his blog's tag line is, "I read books because you don't want to!" He's funny and articulate, and if you find his comments in my post to be interesting, you should definitely check out his blog. Good stuff.

Also, he is a massive Star Wars fan. Obviously a sign of excellence and integrity.

8. My Malaysian To-Do List

Describing my hopes and dreams for someday visiting my adopted homeland of Malaysia, this post is kind of an anticipatory travel blog. It would be really fun to make the trip, and then write another post that describes my actual experiences in each of the categories. Hopefully, I will never be writing about face-to-face encounters with monitor lizards. Gah.

Yes, I am currently accepting donations to my travel fund.

7. My Love Letter to the Kelantanese

This is one of my most favorite posts. I've told this story over and over, in response to the inevitable and very good question that I am often asked: "What's up with you and all these Malaysians, anyway?" When I'm telling the story in the moment, I usually skimp on the details, so I'm glad that I recorded it here with meticulous precision. For my memoirs, you know. ;)

Aww, this one is precious to me...a photographic peek into the charming little storybook home of six college girls, and the story of how they made gallery wall magic with some little monogrammed art I made for them.

Within a few weeks, the girls will be packing up their belongings and leaving the Manor, never to return again. I'm glad this little memory will remain forever.

5. Festive Garlands: Part Seven..FINALLY, It's Spring...

Another little DIY project unpacked. From doing several of these posts, I've learned that I enjoy describing the process of how I get inspired to make things much more than the tedious business of describing the step-by-step instructions. Both, I suppose, are important.

Just an hour or so ago, I was in this room watching a television program (America's Next Top Model, if you want to know), and I glanced up at these happy garlands, moving gently in the quiet room, and thought once again how cheerful and spring-y they make me feel. Yay, garlands!

4. Razaisyam Rashid

My Malaysian hipster friend, Ely, and his fabulous indie films still make me smile too. This one, based on the song, All Is Love, seems particularly relevant. Ely just got married! So happy for you, my friend!

3. Colorful Consolation

What the tree socks! One Friday this winter, when I was not able to make my usual trip to my beloved Stevens Pass, this fabulous art installation was colorful consolation indeed. Especially brilliant on this gray rainy day, I felt transported to a very magical place and I hope the photos convey that same transformation.

2. Home Tour: The Family Factory

It's very sweet and humbling to learn that my family room tour has generated interest. Honestly, it's such an often-used and hard-working space...but I think that is exactly the point. We are all curious about each others' lives, aren't we. But we want to see past the carefully composed exteriors and guarded public images to take a good look at what is real and authentic about each other. Trust me, I'm not holding anything back from you!

Also, this reminds me that I still need to give you a tour of my dining room, laundry room and den. Don't worry..I won't forget.

1. My Big Fat Malaysian Wedding

So glad that this post has been well received! It was a tricky one to write: it was one part, an attempt to sort out all that I've learned about Malaysian weddings; another part, a challenge to find photos that illustrated what I was trying to describe; and most importantly, a celebration of my friend Lokhman's beautiful wedding photography.

* * * 
As I browse through these old posts, I'm amazed at what has been accomplished in just a few short months, and I am energized to see what will happen next in this surprising blog adventure. So thank you, dear reader, for joining me on this journey - I really appreciate your international love.


  1. I am number 9! I am number 9! I am number 9! woo-hoo!

    1. I know, it's quite an honor, right? Your fifteen minutes of fame have clearly arrived.


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