Saturday, March 3, 2012

3 Things I'm Obsessing About Today

Can't get these things off my mind:

1. Sandwiches. I've got nothing against these marriages of portability and yummy, but normally they are not my thing. Today, however, is an exception. For lunch, I had a crazy delicious chicken cashew wrap from Top Foods...and this was my dinner.

Bella Terra multigrain bread spread with Laughing Cow Original cheese and layered up with  Gallo Italian Dry Salame. At Stevens Pass. Died and gone to heaven.

2. This song. In my head all day long. Perfect adrenalin boost. Obey your master.

3. Snow. Lush, fresh heaps of snow, everywhere I looked; thousands upon thousands of flakes flurrying through the air, filling the sky, falling on me. Beautiful beyond compare.

Jeffrey Conley, Forest and Falling Snow, Gelatin Silver Photograph

What did you obsess about today?

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