Thursday, February 2, 2012

Collection Affection

I love organization. 
I love sets of things. 
I love objects that tell a story. 
I love objects that reveal something about me.

So it stands to reason that I am very fond of collections. But I'm kinda picky about them.

I want my collections to be good roommates. 
They need to get along well with the rest of the room. 
They need a special display space to call their own. 
They need to be strong enough in numbers to make an impact but not resemble the next Clone Army.
They need to be affordable.
They need to have character that will stand the test of time.
They need to make me smile.

Here's a collection of collections...they inspire me to start something new.

glass bottles

bowls and cups.
vintage toys

red shoes

bow ties

prize ribbons

orange pottery

pine cones


vintage cameras.


If you're still hungry for more tasty pics of collections, try these:

What do you collect? Any recommendations for my new collection?

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