Tuesday, November 9, 2021


Photo credit to my first-born who took pics while I jumped around. 

Harry Styles came to town this weekend, and we hung out. 

Yep, just him and me, and 22,999 of his other closest friends aka total strangers at his sold-out and twice-Covid-cancelled Love on Tour show.

Harry, if ya don't know, exploded onto the world stage eleven years ago as one-fifth of One Direction, a group formed from individual vocal artists that went on to successfully compete the UK's The X Factor. Branded as a boy band, 1D nonetheless took the music industry by storm and won a number of highbrow awards in their seven-year run. 

Considerably matured but still capable of making a stadium full of women scream with a flash of his dimples and mischievous smile, Harry's solo career is soaring. With side gigs in acting and fashion, he's got a lot to say and a wide platform on which to say it.

Which leads me to what I love about Harry Styles. 

I mean, his music is fun, I'm down with his technicolor crocheted vests, and you know, I'm not mad about those dimples either. But in all aspects of his life, Harry embraces a message of love, acceptance and kindness and that's what makes him beautiful

If there's anything that the 2010s have taught us, it's that mental health matters and we'd all be wise to be a bit more sensitive and compassionate to our fellow earthlings, granting them the space to live their lives as they see fit and embracing their right to do so. Harry speaks these messages into his music and his brand, which makes him a powerful force for good. 

Harry's all about doing good. He's dabbled in several areas of philanthropy, using both his influence and his wallet to support worthy causes, all the while advocating for positivity and hope. 

And while tonight's concert was mostly about his music, Harry definitely overlaps his life's works. I was touched to see how he chatted with individuals in the crowd, taking a few moments to talk with them as human beings, to treat people with kindness. 

Asking questions. 
Making connections. 
Sharing life.

He's so golden.

* * * * *

Once concert, two stories. Check them both out.

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