Monday, July 19, 2021

The End

With our birthday mission to San Diego complete, and our LA side trip in the bag, there's nothing left to do but follow the bread crumbs back towards home.

^ Another round of In-N-Out in Bakersfield at the Stockdale Avenue store. We took a break from the burgers in San Diego, but now that we are back on the road, it's no holds barred.

^ We follow up our meal with by a sunset swim at our nearby hotel. The pool is a bit chilly and the hot tub is too hot but still we are content to soak our weary bones before bed.

^ Next morning, we are up with the sun and after the standard pit stop for Starbucks, a bag of ice, and gas, we're off.  Our midday destination: picnic lunch at a rest area just north of Sacramento.

^By mid-afternoon, we are tooling through the Siskyous and come upon a fairly terrifying sight: a wildfire burning on the foothills northwest of Mount Shasta.We can't see any flames but the billowing clouds of smoke are spectacular.

^ One last burger binge in Grants Pass, Oregon, and our final night on the road in Eugene, Oregon. 

Next day, up into the heat dome we drive, as the Pacific Northwest is suffering a bizarre high pressure phenomenon that's causing extreme heat. We crank the AC, keep a close eye on the engine temperature gauge, and hightail it for home.

^ Where waiting to greet us at the end of our trip is one hot - but very happy - dog. 

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