Friday, July 9, 2021

Take Me Out To The Padres

My third-born, back in April: Hey, should we go to a baseball game while we're in San Diego?

The rest of us: Definitely. Will the Padres be in town while we're there?

My third-born: I have no idea but I'll look into it. Do you want me to get back to you with the teams and the dates so we can figure out the best game, or should I just wing it?

The rest of us: Wing it.

* * * * *

And that's how my daughters and I lucked into one of the hottest games of baseball that I've ever enjoyed.
Petco Park is a silly name but a lovely venue for a festive night of baseball. 

The red-hot hometown Padres have already taken the first two games from the cross-state uber-rival Los Angeles Dodgers in this three-game midweek series, and we roll in to the final game to find an ecstatic, electrified full-capacity crowd already hollering to save their souls before the first pitch is even thrown. 

BEAT! L! A! 
BEAT! L! A! 
BEAT! L! A! 

There are plenty of LA fans representing too, and the cacophony of chants and cross-chants is delightfully deafening. Everyone's wearing swag for one team or the other, and every third ten-year-old boy is sporting a (fake) swag chain, just like the big boys wear

A quick scan of the Padres' line up brings more good news: shortstop Fernando Tatis Jr. who has recently been day to day after a recurring shoulder injury, is slated to start. Yay!

But ultimately it's third baseman Manny Machado's smoking bat that steals the show, and after a see-sawing score that keeps the Dodgers within striking distance, the Padres win the game and sweep the series. Insanity reigns. 


We are swept away in the boisterous crowd, still bawling and bellowing with delight, as we flow down the walkways, under the swaying palms, and out into the cool California night.
Tatis is getting some at bats, the Padres are playing their weird shifted defense
the sunset is peak, and all is right in my world. 

Oh, it's a fine night for baseball in San Diego. 

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