Sunday, January 31, 2021

Hello, yellow. 

If orange is a belly laugh, you are a gentle smile.

If orange gives me a bear hug, you're a soft hand on my arm.

If orange is a mountain meadow full of bright blooming flowers, you are the pale butterfly that flits from one to the other.

If orange turns cartwheels across the lawn, you're weaving dandelions into a flower crown.

If orange is a six-course meal, you are a perfect midnight snack.

If orange runs a three-ring circus, you turn pirouettes across your own private stage.

If orange is an epic novel that spans the centuries, you are a slim volume of poems. 

If orange sounds like a symphony, you sing a lullaby.

And if I love orange in my life, which I do, I need plenty of you, yellow, to bring me sweet moments of peace. 

Thank you, yellow. 

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A poet named Mary Jane, who is also my friend, invited me to write 
a poem a day for eight days in a row. Here I go!

And one more for good measure:

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