Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Super Dog
My super dog looking regal and wise. Just another of her many powers.

Today is Gracie's birthday - well, technically, yesterday, but who's counting - and I celebrated the day by reflecting on exactly what this girl means to me.

Oh sure, she's loyal, devoted, and always down for snacks.  Delightful qualities, one and all.

But it's much more than that.

She trusts me. Without question or reservation. The instant I pull on a sweater or grab my shoes, she's immediately at my side, ready to go all in on whatever it is I'm doing. No questions asked. 

She loves me. Every morning, when I first glance her way and she sees me simply looking at her, thump, thump, thump goes her tail on the floor as her heart overflows just to see me. On those increasingly rare occasions when I must leave the house without her, she faithfully waits by the door till I return. 

She forgives wholeheartedly.  The only naughty thing Gracie ever does is to steal food and for that transgression, she is firmly scolded, dragged off to the Sin Bin (the laundry room,) and left alone to contemplate her crimes  Within two minutes, we let her out, and she greets us with unmistakable good cheer. 

She is always down for adventure. Rain, sun, sleet, or snow - nothing diminishes Gracie's enthusiasm for our daily walk. Though plenty of dogs opt out of extreme weather, She doesn't hesitate to stroll out into a hypothermia-inducing downpour or wildfire smoke so thick that our eyes sting. 

She makes the most of every minute together. During the day, she follows me from room to room to room, just to be with me. At dinner, she lies under my chair with her head on my foot. While we sleep, she often tucks herself up in the bedroom chair, but at least once during the night, she'll wander over to my side of the bed and stick her cool wet nose against my cheek, just to wake me up and say hello.

And while I appreciate all these lovely qualities, I think this is my dog's true super power:

She teaches me how to be a better human. 

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