Friday, December 25, 2020

Christmas Peace
^ My tree in a rare puddle of winter sun. We’ve been using the old pages from our Stendig calendars for wrapping paper and I must say, it’s a dreamy look for a math teacher.
^ For something different than the usual greens, this year, I made a couple garlands of eucalyptus. Of course, as 2020 would have it, my grocery store was out of the classic circular leaf so I went with what I could find. And it turns out that the floppy willow-like eucalyptuses leaves make a perfectly serviceable yuletide garland.
^ Ornaments on a tree are always a good idea, but I also like to sprinkle my favorites around to other spots in the room. These hex boxes are ideal for showing off some of my favorites as the red and green sing out among the yellow.
^ I’ve never been one to collect Santas but my mom did and now that a good part of her collection lives with me, I enjoy concentrating them in one Santa-filled spot.
^ Sometimes I plan out my Christmas vignettes with the deliberate care of Payton on D-Day. Other times, I just prop holiday artifacts here and there, moving them idly about until I hit on something that I like. This kitchen shelf styling is definitely an example of the latter.
^ Are little oranges officially considered Christmas decor? I vote yes.
^ An offbeat assortment of bottle brush threes, glass trees, and tiny Nativity peeps come together in a cake stand and reach their best potential.
^ For most of my life, I’ve stubbornlybresisted resisted the siren’s song of artificial trees on the premise that live trees are better. Last year, in a bold and daring move, I bought this small chap and fell madly in love. Apparently I have room in my heart for both types of trees.
^ For decades I’ve mulled over the idea of adding some sort of Christmas Village mojo to my holiday look. After considering dozens of pricey options, I ended up grabbing two sets of plain wooden houses from the Target dollar bins, painting them white, and finding them to be exactly what I’d dreamed of. Total cost: $6.  So glad I waited.
^ Tiny forests of simple trees is apparently my new Christmas live language because they are popping up all around the house. From this angle, the ivy and cacti still flourishing outside add some fresh layers of green to the woodsy vibe.
^ Though it’s all the rage these days to douse earth-tones bricks in white paint, I will forever stay loyal to my original look. Yes, it takes some restraint to design around what is essentially an orange palette but the results work for me.
^ This quiet corner of the family room features a funky bookshelf slash side table built by my grandfather, a framed piece of white paper that awaits an upcoming burst of artistic creativity, and a branch festooned with white wool acorns made in Lithuania.
^ This year's outdoor look is a study in simplicity. And I’m just fine with that. 
* * * * *
Christmas is a season of peace. 

Peace comes from within ourselves. 

In the quiet moments between words and actions, music and celebration, I can find my peace. 

I can treasure it, soft and still in my heart and feel calm in my soul 

But. As long as there are people in this world 

Who are hurting
Who feel pain
Who cannot find their peace

My peace is incomplete. 

So if you are one of those people who are struggling this Christmas, please know that you are not alone. 

I am with you. 

And together we will keep searching for peace. 

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