Saturday, August 29, 2020

Thanks, Gracie
See those wonky trellises propped up against my fresh cedar fences? Yeah, that's not a finished look.

You better believe that as the work week winds down and the weekend opens up, I'm busy cranking out another one of my fabulous To Do lists, chock full of interesting chores and projects for which I'd like my husband's help. And today, as I was wandering around the backyard with a running hose, which means I was deep in thought, Gracie reminded me that the new trellises need to be properly installed. 

Yes, my princess. Duly noted.

And I'd like to point out that after a summer spent crushing most of the hostas growing here and there around my backyard, my dog who loves to rest on a nest of cool, smooth green leaves has moved on to the daylilies. Which have already bloomed for this season, and are therefore already in a natural state of disarray, so 85 pounds of resting red dog don't do much additional damage. 

So enjoy your throne of green, regal lady. And thanks again for reminding me about the trellises. 

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