Saturday, May 16, 2020

Pet Brains
Last weekend in my backyard, the humans were busy working while the pets worked on their naps. 

I do not pretend to understand my pets' minds/

Oh sure, they do a bang-up job of letting me know what they'd like me to do for them.
Their communication to me around meals, doors, and requests for attention come through loud and clear, and they have trained me to anticipate and meet their needs very well. 

But certainly there is a lot more going on inside of those adorable furry heads than I can grasp.
I think Sirius is thinking how nice it feels to rest those dainty white feet. 

Take chaise lounges for example. 

For these last six or seven months, my back-yard lounge chairs have been under wraps, hidden away from the winter rains, and inaccessible for anyone's use.

But when we humans brought the chairs out into the sunshine last weekend, it took only a hot minute for two of my clever cats to hop up and make themselves entirely at home.
I think Luna wants me to fan him and feed him grapes.

These fabulous felines apparently had no trouble recalling the express purpose of the chaise lounges. They lounged in proper style, stretching out across the smooth, sun-warmed wood and settling in for a pair of lovely, shade-dappled, afternoon naps. 

All they needed were tiny novels and meow-sized margaritas for the perfect summer relaxation experience. 

Clearly my cats understand with infinite subtlety and depth the true purpose of the chaise lounge.
"Guys! No need to rest like animals on bare wood - hold out for the cushions! 

In an unusually magnanimous gesture, Gracie did not challenge the cats to the chairs. She calmly watched their lounging session from her comfortable patch of grass. 

And though I don't claim to understand her thoughts any more than I do the cats', I'm pretty sure my clever dog's logic was to wait her turn until we put the cushions on. 

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