Monday, August 7, 2017

Lunch With Yelena

Round red pitcher. Footed crystal. Petal-shaped bowl.

Basil on the cheese and fruit plate. Cherry tomatoes adorning the omelet. Fancy folded napkin. 

Bread in a basket and three kinds of spread in a special three-part dish.

Every now and then, I go to my friend Yelena's house for lunch. 

And every time, she makes me feel like a queen.

The food itself is always delicious. 

Cold veggie salad with chicken and dill.
An omelet stuffed with a medley of meats and vegetables.
Soft cheese and finely sliced apples.
Crunchy crackers and artichoke spread.
Iced tea.
Fresh raspberries.

A far cry from my usual lunchtime tomato sandwich scarfed down as I stand over the sink

While I enjoy every scrumptious bite, it's Yelena's beautiful table settings that make her meals so special to me. 

As I take in every beautiful detail, I imagine her preparing this feast for me, laying out her pretty dishes and arranging everything just so. 

At this week's lunch, Yelena went with a minimalistic presentation and I loved it every bit as much.

And as we sit and talk, I find myself thinking again and again what a lovely thing it is to have lunch with Yelena.

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