Saturday, July 15, 2017


My first-born has been planning out this triple layer cake for days. 

She special ordered the pans and searched out matching pre-cut parchment paper liners. 

She found the richest and lushest chocolate cake recipe and did a special shop for the ingredients. 

She spent the better part of two hours on this gorgeous sun-soaked day slaving away in the kitchen, getting every detail just right. 

And when the last bit of frosting had been gracefully swirled into place, she stepped back and said, "Hmm. I feel like it needs just a little something more."

"Washi tape mini banner," I mumbled from the other side of the counter, where I was coaxing my baby dog into yet another drop stay position. 

"Say what?l" she countered. And I quickly whipped through my Pinterest app to show her an example of what I meant. 

"Perfect," she agreed. "Can you make me one?"

Five minutes later, my wonky little flags fluttered in place atop this chocolate majesty. 

And that was my contribution to tonight's delicious dessert. 

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