Thursday, June 9, 2016

Bouncing Back

Here's the thing. If you spend the morning in Angkor Wat, Cambodia doing a whole lot of this:

Then by mid-afternoon, I guarantee that you are going to be feeling a lot like this:

And trust me, you are going to want some refreshment and relaxation, stat. 

Luckily, Cambodia has figured out how to cater to weary Westerners:

^ We did not stop here but I gazed longingly down the cool walkway and felt refreshed just by looking

^ We ate a late lunch here at Blue Pumpkin, in a luxuriously air-conditioned upstairs room where we lounged across crisp white linens and pondered the state of our heat-wracked souls. 

 ^ My small but mighty vegetable quiche restored me to life, with a sassy little salad on the side. Ice cream for dessert and I felt myself beginning to bounce back.

^ We wandered back out into the midday sun, immediately realized more water was in order, and ducked into this coffeeshop for two extra large bottles. 

* * * * *

And after an hour or two spent in the comforting embrace of Siem Reap, I predict you will be feeling rested, recharged, and quite possibly ready to rock.

More temples, anyone?

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