Sunday, April 3, 2016

My Definition Of Resting

^Welcome to my freshly pressure-washed front porch. 

^ Yes, it's still damp in places, and there are plenty of errant leaves and wandering clumps of dirt. But you can now clearly make out the stones in the paving - whereas before you saw only shades of grey - and that is dramatic improvement.

^ This whole messy project owes its timing to this green sculpture. I caught sight of it while wandering around a store over a week ago, and resisted at first its siren call. Using one of my tried-and-true anti-impulse shopping techniques, I went home empty handed and tried to forget about this forbidden love. When Monday morning came, and I was still obsessed, I knew I was ready to commit to the purchase. 

I have no regrets. 

^ Someone who hates loud machines and spraying water suffered through a long afternoon. Of course, he was duly rewarded with a nice long walk, though he had to cool his heels through this photo session to boot. 

* * * * *

Saturday morning:

10 a.m. Wake up feeling like crap. The cold I've been fighting off all week has taken hold and my head feels full of concrete. I need more sleep. 

1 p.m. Still feel terrible but I'm missing out on Saturday. I need to get up but I'll be sure to take it easy. 

2 p.m. So far, so good. I'm dressed and fed, and I cleaned the bathrooms. As long as I'm up and moving, I might as well do something productive. 

Pressure washes the driveway and sidewalk for five hours. 

7 p.m.  Wait. I'm muddy, soaked to the skin, and pretty sure these chills I'm getting are not a good sign. Even though I haven't finished the job, maybe I should call it a day. 

8 p.m. Showered and wrapped in a blanket, drooping on the couch. Someone please bring me dinner. 

Hamburgers, movies, intermittent naps and rib-rattling coughs ensue. 

1 a.m. Awake again and feeling fresh. Hey, I think I'll finish that pressure washing job tomorrow.  

* * * * *

P.S. Sunday evening:

This cold is still getting the best of me. But I managed complete my soggy task and that sweet success makes me feel on top of the world.

I didn't get much rest over the weekend. But I have absolutely no regrets.

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