Thursday, April 7, 2016

Heart-Shaped Happiness

I have always been a sucker for heart-shaped things.

Ever since they were tiny, my girls clued into this love of mine and during their childhood, were forever bringing me heart-shaped things.

Heart-shaped rocks.
Heart-shaped cookies.
Heart-shaped art.
Heart-shaped shells.
Heart-shaped flowers.

Yesterday, my second-born rushed into the kitchen with a sparkle in her eye. "Look what I found in your bathroom." And with ceremony, she handed me over this perfect heart-shaped leaf, left over from a retired eucalyptus bouquet.

Though they have long since grow up, my daughters still know exactly what makes me happy.


  1. Heart shaped things make my heart soar, too, and this little eucalyptus beauty is a true gem! -h

    1. I've tucked the leaf into a nearby houseplant, and he's quite happy in his new home.


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