Thursday, March 24, 2016

Good Hope

My house is trashed right now. 

We're in the middle of a painting project so the contents of one half of house have been dumped in the other half. 

And in the midst of that moving process, I discovered water damage to one of the walls. So now the painting project, in all of its drop-clothed and masking-taped glory, is on hold while we march in a team of moisture abatement specialists to deal with the water issue. 

Undoubtedly, that problem stems from the master shower. So the chaos will soon be stretching an ugly tentacle upstairs as we face the much needed and long overdue demo of half our bathroom and who knows how much reconstruction work. 

As Ranger and I sit in the disheveled family room this morning, staring at a soggy hole in the wall and waiting for the workman to come, my eyes found a miracle. Tucked into the corner, as yet untouched by these wild winds of change, one little bookcase sits quiet and serene. 

This oasis of normal makes me happy and gives me good hope in the midst of this mess. 

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