Saturday, February 20, 2016

My Whole 30

I'm sick and tired of obsessing over food and worrying about my weight. 

After a lifetime of experimentation, I'm done with eating regimes that unreasonably restrict my meals and blithely promise to feel and look like a whole new person.

I'm looking at you, Whole 30 and your whole company of cleanses, cures and dietary crazes.

In keeping with my 2016 mindset of No Day But Today, I've decided to liberate myself once and for all from this drama. My eating plan is this:

No grains.
No sugar.

And no more regrets.

I'm doing a bit of rewiring to let go of the old cravings, and over the past few weeks, I've challenged myself to keep simple, satisfying treats around the house that will make my new habits feel natural and satisfying.

Here are thirty gratifying, go-to tidbits that make me feel happy, full and free from the roller coaster of diets.

fresh pineapple
roasted cashews
broiled salmon
cherry tomatoes
roasted pumpkin seeds

tamari roasted almonds
veggie chips
baby carrots
apple slices
pepper jack cheese

 sweet potato chips
sliced peppers
sliced pear

orange slices
swiss cheese
fresh mango
chicken sausage

mixed veggie chips
sunflower seeds

sliced bananas
chicken meatballs
dried cranberries
peanut butter

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