Thursday, November 5, 2015

Yellowstone National Park: The Prequel

During our summer road trip, we saw more interesting sights that I could squeeze into my real-time posts. Now that I'm back home and have fished all 548 photos off my devices, I have a few more road trip stories to share. 

To catch up on the rest of the trip, start here.

Yellowstone National Park.

The jewel in the crown.
The apple of my eye.
The perfect red cherry on the banana split that is our country's collection of beautiful and breathtaking landscapes.

Though my heart beats fast whenever I visit a national park, Yellowstone must surely be the greatest and grandest of them all. Nestled in the northwest corner of rugged Wyoming and spilling over into bits of Montana and Idaho, Yellowstone captures all the best of the west and rolls it up into one delicious destination.

Amazing too were the sights to be seen during our overnight stay in nearby Wapiti, Wyoming. Yes, before we even set foot in the park proper, We were treated to the sights, sounds and soul-satisfying tastes of a genuine western experience. 

But you don't have to take my word for it. See for yourself. 

^ We rolled into the Yellowstone Valley Inn after dark and went straight to the dining room. Bison burgers and hot turkey dinners under the elk horn chandelier? Yes, please. And you know there was a moose head mounted over the fireplace mantel. 

^ Who would not dream sweet dreams in a bed of hand-hewn lodgepole pines and white rumpled sheets? I personally slept like an angel. Ranger had no complaints.

^ Our room opened on to a little patio out back, and when I peeped my head outside in the morning, this is what I found. Good morning, Wyoming!

With another amazing meal of down-home cooking under our belts, we pulled up our tent stakes and set off westward for our eagerly anticipated day at Yellowstone.

^ Even Ranger, with his sweet red head popped out the backseat window, was excited to see the sights.

* * * * *

Tomorrow's burning question: Will we find beanies before hypothermia sets in? 

Click here to find out. 

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