Sunday, January 18, 2015

Finding A Way

H E A R T   A T T A C K

That is the only way to describe today's NFC Championship match-up between our beloved Seattle Seahawks and their worthy opponents from Green Bay.

I'll be honest. I have not sufficiently recovered from the shock to properly lay out the play by play. Suffice it to say that the same Seahawks who were completely dominated for most of the game by a composed and confident Packer offense and turnover-forcing defense somehow found a way to turn everything around in the last few minutes. Coming up with a cardiac-inducing overtime win, the Seahawks earned themselves a coveted return trip to the Super Bowl.

No one rode the extreme wave of Seattle's highs and lows more than quarterback Russell Wilson. To be blunt, he played ugly for most of the game. And then he saved the day. True, many players contributed to this mind-blowing come-from-behind, but no one outshone the tenacity and sheer determination of Wilson.

Now I always enjoy watching good football, and my heart swells with pride when my hometown teams win. But far more than game play, I'm fascinated watching the way that a winning team works.

The genuine camaraderie,
the psychology of group effort,
the essential sense of shared leadership,
the magical and mostly unknowable spark of something special that turns a group of capable individuals into a legend.

And after this legendary game, a weeping and prayerful Wilson laid out exactly what had made this day so special.

God's too good, man. Every time.

We just kept believing.

We had no doubt.

We found a way.

These are words that transcend a confetti-strewn field on a blustery day in the Pacific Northwest.

They rise above the game of football, and the world of sports altogether.

Because Russell Wilson is not just answering questions for a post-game interview. He is talking to you and to me. And what he means to say is that life is waiting for those who dare to reach out and claim it.

No matter what our dreams may be, we can achieve anything if we keep believing, refuse to doubt and simply insist on finding a way.

And that profound truth, along with this outrageous Seahawks win, is definitely something to celebrate.

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