Sunday, November 2, 2014

I Haz Cheezburger

Last week, while I was out of town, my students stayed in touch with me to keep pace on their lessons. On the last day of my trip, around lunchtime, my evening student messaged me to make sure I would be home in time to help him with some homework.

At his request, I often stop at McDonald's to pick him up a snack; usually an order of large fries.

In N Out is a popular hamburger restaurant chain with locations only in select states of the American southwest. Whenever my travels take me close to an In N Out, I not only make a point to buy myself a few burgers but I often bring some home for friends and family. 

My dog, Ranger, has made a bad name for himself by occasionally stealing those precious cheeseburgers. He's a naughty boy but I must admit he has impeccable taste.

* * * * *

My student: Wut tiempo r u coming over

Me: Lol after your soccer practice, right?

My student: Sure we hav to do a lot of stuff

Me: Ok what time will you be ready to work?

My student: Like never but like 930

Me: Lol ok

My student: Wait so can you still bring me fries

Me: Lol probably. One large fries?

My student: Can u get two im feeling fat today

Me: Fat kid on the couch. 
Me: Speaking of fat kids, I'm at In N Out right now.

My student: Wut really can you bring me an in n out burger

Me: Hahahahaha
Me: Yes

So, as promised, I bought a double-double for my first-born, a cheeseburger for myself, and another cheeseburger - no onion - for my student. 

As we sat in front of my daughter's dorm, happily munching our burgers, it occurred to me that I had a problem. A red, furry, super-sniffing problem. Given my Ranger's recent success at getting his doggy mitts on my transported In N Out burgers, I didn't dare bring my student's cheeseburger back home without some protection. As I mulled over my extremely limited options, my fourth-born jumped from the car and said, "I have exactly what you need. Wait here!"

Triumphantly, she returned in a flash with her prize. 

A Ziploc bag. Not too sturdy, but definitely designed to keep all those savory scents locked up tight, away from Ranger's eager sniffer. 

Nine hours later, I delivered this delicious morsel safely into the waiting hands of my hungry and excited student. 

Sorry, Ranger. Maybe next time. 

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