Monday, September 8, 2014

Peaceful Pets

Last night was a long and restless night for me. A series of lengthy interruptions sliced my eight hours of shut-eye into a series of two-to-three hour segments of hard-core tossing and turning.

Punctuating these mini-sleep sessions were a series of horrible stress dreams. In one tortured story line, I suddenly realized that the metallic lime green modded-out Honda that I had "borrowed" for a photo shoot was actually stolen property and I was now a car thief. In a panic, I began to search wildly for cloths with which to rub off all my fingerprints, but of course, there were none to be found.

Needless to say, my dream-maker was not helping matters at all.

So finally, at eight a.m. this morning, after yet another half-hour disruption, my schedule allowed me one last chance to grab a few hours' peace and quiet. I climbed the stairs to my bedroom, weary and worn out, wondering if I should even bother to try to sleep. Numbing my brain with Netflix seemed a more practical option.

But my pets were waiting for me and they had other plans.

First, I found Cedric, our grey striped tabby, curled up in the rocking chair near my bed and serenading me with his cozy purrs.

Of course, Ranger was sleeping at the foot of my bed, in his usual spot. I knew that the moment I laid down, he would stand up, circle once, and lie back down again, fitting the curve of his back to the bend in my legs. He is a never-ending comfort.

And surprise, surprise, the fiercely independent Luna had decided to make my bed his morning nap spot. While his sassy presence is always a treat, he took his game to the top level by cuddling up right next to Ranger, a move that melts my heart completely.

Encouraged by my pets' fine example, I laid aside my devices, put my head on the pillow, and closed my eyes.

And for several fine hours, we all slept together in peaceful repose.

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