Sunday, August 10, 2014


Imagine that you were driving through the side streets of Mukilteo this afternoon. Say, around 5:15 pm.

As you pulled up to the four-way stop at the corner of Harbour Pointe Boulevard and Chennault Beach Road, you noticed a woman on the sidewalk by the Mormon church.

She was behaving strangely.

With her was a large red dog. Repeatedly, she commanded the dog to sit and he obediently obeyed. 

But no sooner did he agreeably plant his red booty on the concrete than she tugged on his leash, directing him back up on all fours.

Then she told him again. Sit. He sat again, she pulled him up again. They repeated four or five cycles of this sequence.

As you sat in your car, watching this bizarre ritual, you scratched your head in bewilderment and thought, "Wow. Weird woman."

And you know, I really wouldn't argue with you.

But what you could not have known is that there was a big pink heart drawn on the sidewalk. Written inside was a simple and poignant message: SMILE.

And when that big red dog finally sat in exactly the right place, so that all five letters were visible next to his sweet furry feet, I snapped a perfect shot and brought it here to share with you.

Hope this story makes your day, just as it did mine.

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