Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Happy Accident

Here's an interesting shot from my camera roll. I like the complex geometric patterns of lines and stripes - shadows of a grated railing - that crisscross most of the image. On the right edge is my handbag whose stripes complement and contrast with the other more delicate lines, and leaves a uniquely chunky shadow.

And while this detail may escape the casual viewer, the object that appears under the bag is a tiny fragment of my shorts and my leg. So technically, this is not just an artsy shot but a sly selfie as well.

I'd like to say I planned this all out and orchestrated this photo to a T but that would be a dirty lie.

The truth is that it was an unintentional capture. I was strolling across the upper deck of a ferry in the middle of Puget Sound, nearly blown over by gusty winds, and my numb fingers inadvertently hit the trigger.

Later, when I skimmed through my camera roll, I noticed this misfit in among the towering mountains and glimmering seas.

Oh, gosh. Dumb. Delete it.

But just as my thumb hovered over the little trash can for a fraction of an instant, I noticed. I saw the potential for beauty in an unassuming mistake, and now I am very grateful for this happy accident.


  1. Very cool! Kind of Ansel Adams-ish. :)

    1. Maybe...if Ansel Adams were accidentally taking shots of the ferry deck. ;)


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