Monday, July 21, 2014


In between my various adventures and romps about the Malaysian countryside, there is a place where I go to rest, recover, and get ready for more.

My primary host's city apartment near the heart of Kuala Lumpur is my home sweet home-away-from-home. Though I am often alone here, while my host and his family lead their busy lives, I enjoy the peace and solitude of my days.

^ Not gonna lie, one of my favorite parts of this life is my daily swim. Five tall apartment towers surround a sunny courtyard full of lush, tropical plants and a great big pool which is always fresh and clean.. I love to roll out of bed and slip downstairs for a half hour of splashing back and forth; I don't swim in any sort of athletically rigorous way. I much prefer to float dreamily in the refreshing water as I sort out my thoughts and ease into my day.

^ I'm also super fond of taking out the trash. Now, that may sound strange but here's the thing. As I walk from the front door through the open fourteenth floor hallway to the rubbish closet, this is my view. The Kuala Lumpur skyline, with Menara KL on the left and Petronas Towers on the right, is framed by blue-roofed housing in the foreground and lately, a gentle sweep of wildfire smoke in the distance. 

It's a glorious, picture-perfect view and I never get tired of pausing at the balcony railing to drink it in. 

^ Here's a view of sunset from the courtyard.. In the shadows sits the local masjid - mosque - and my life here in paced by the five-times-daily calls to prayer that issue forth. I can't translate the melodic Arabic chants themselves, but they stir up in me the same meditative, inward focus as intended for the Islamic faithful, and I find that to be a very enjoyable part of my routine.

^ Good news - the trash can is full again! Time for another long look at the evening skyline.

* * * * *

And so my quiet days here are paced by exercise, prayer, meditation and chores. Soon enough, I'll be whisked off on another exciting adventure, which makes me treasure the time at my sanctuary all the more.

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