Friday, June 6, 2014

Pray For All

In the midst of my globe-trotting, mind-blowing Southeast Asian adventures,I have  been stopped in my tracks and dropped to my knees by events back home. What, you might ask, could possibly divert my attention in this way?

A mass shooting.
In my hometown of Seattle. 
On a college campus. 
Where my third-born has recently studied. 

One student died. 
Several others were wounded. 
Everyone on campus was terrorized.
The Seattle Pacific University community, as well as the greater city and the entire nation, are disturbed and distraught. 

In the midst of this tragedy, much prayer has broken out. SPU students are peacefully assembling to hold vigils for the victims. They are telling a beautiful story about Christian love and kindness. 

But sadly, theirs is only half the story. 

There is a young man sitting in jail right now, facing a dark future. If he is found guilty, as certainly seems likely, he must take responsibility for picking up a gun and shooting innocent humans. I don't excuse or glamorize his actions in any way. 

But here's the shocker. 

I know this young man.
His name is Aaron.
He grew up in our close-knit homeschooling community. 
He was a quiet, polite, well-liked young man, a little bit on the awkward side, who stuck close to his brother and stayed out of trouble. 

So how did this gentlle, unassuming boy choose to walk the path of murder?

I'll never understand. 

All I can do is pray for Aaron and his family his victims and their families, and all who are sucked down into the black vortex of this horrifying act. 

And I trust that even though this life holds no answers for us, on the other side of the veil, we will all find peace. 

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