Friday, April 25, 2014

Happiness Is A Long Leash

I know, I know. I talk a lot about Ranger and our daily walks together.

We pet parents can be so obnoxious sometimes.

But my boy is such a super cute hunter and all-around happy lad when he is out and about, and his joy rubs off on me. Can't help myself from passing the love along.

So please enjoy these rough cuts from our travels

* * * * *

In this first take, notice that Ranger never lifts his nose from the ground. In fact, it seems to have a power all its own, leading the rest of his body onward, helpless to resist the delicious and fascinating smells that it drinks in.

Also, note that directly opposite Ranger's path, across a tiny paved lane, stands a high school baseball field at which a spirited contest was taking place. Is Ranger distracted by this commotion or interested in any way by this public spectacle? See for yourself

The second take offers a good view of Ranger's long leash with most of its length extended. As you can see, he does a lot of strolling back and forth, following scents and looping back on his trails, which is why the extra footage is so useful. I keep walking along at an even pace as he bobs and weaves, and we are both content.

You'd be surprised how many times strangers point out to me, "That's a really long leash." Why, yes it is. Thank you so much for noticing.

Also, there are raindrops on Ranger's nose. Cute.

Adorable points of interest in Take Three: 
  • The trip-trapping footsteps of my red-headed billy goat as he crosses over the little wooden bridge, with his friendly tail a-waggin'.
  • An encounter with a tree branch and a nice example of how Ranger waits patiently while I deal with any drama that happens to cross our path.
  • Clear shots of his surgical sites, and ample evidence that his lush red fur is slowly growing back.
  • I love the way he hustles to catch up to me when I call to him: "Hey, Range." Good dog.
  • And oh, that cheerful little face.

These little videos explain exactly why I willingly invest an hour of my time, each and every day, in taking my boy for a walk. Sniffing in the wet grass as we cruise the back lots of the school is absolutely what Ranger was born to do, and giving him that experience brings me great joy. 

For both my good red dog and me, happiness is found at the end of a long leash.

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