Monday, March 31, 2014

A Fine Spring Day

^ Me: Ranger, whoa. Stop right here. I wanna take your picture by this bright yellow and way spring-y bush.
Ranger: Ok fine. I guess that's the price of being a devilishly handsome rogue such as myself.

^ Ranger: Hurry up, woman. The scents of the road, they beckon to me.
Me: *click click click click click*

Ranger and I went for a walk this afternoon.

Boo. Totally un-newsworthy.

But here's a major plot twist and a real game-changer. Today, the weather was sunny. SUNNY. Not just a few little breaks in the clouds but a straight-up blue sky and tweeting birds and everything.

If that's wasn't enough to blow my socks clean off, that beautiful, golden, sun-lit air was warm. Oh, not the least bit hot or uncomfortable, mind you. Just that perfect soothing hint of warmth that reminds my rain-soaked, winter-chilled, hypothermia-accustomed, Pacific Northwest-mildewed soul that there really is another alternative to rainy, grey days.

And I don't mean to be dramatic, but on a fine spring day such as this, when I feel warm air gently swirling around me, and notice the stirrings of nature awakening from its winter gloom, I honestly feel like the world and I have both been born again.

^ Me: That's right, Range. Give me your best shot.
Ranger: *sniff sniff sniff sniff sniff*

* * * * *

Wondering why Ranger has such a weird haircut? Read all about it here:

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