Sunday, September 8, 2013

Cats For Company

This is Cedric. He is one of my three cats.

Usually, he and his brothers don't spend much time with me.

See, with Ranger's constant and undying attention, my companionship is pretty much spoken for. So the cats usually hang out with my daughters.

But here's an interesting thing. For the past week or so, this house has been severely lacking in daughters.

My first-born has been house-sitting for the neighbors.
My second-born has been at work most of the time.
My third-born is teaching in Vietnam.
My fourth-born is studying in Arizona.

And the kitty cats are lonely. So lonely, in fact, that they have decided to hang out with me.

They nap in my closet. 
They cuddle in my bedroom chair.
They sprawl across my bed all day long.

And they follow me, from one room to the next, just keeping up with my comings and goings, and showing an interest in what I'm doing. So adorable. I love their company in this quiet house.

Today, Cedric found a cleaning project in process, and decided to investigate. 

He may not be a fan of this empty nest, but he sure enjoys an empty basket.

* * * * *

I've written more stories about my cats. But wait. That doesn't make me a crazy cat lady, does it?

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