Thursday, May 30, 2013

Ride Or Die

Birthdays are for mothers. 

They are a time for remembering all the life-changing little details about the day your very own baby came into this world. Also, for remembering all the tenderness and intensity of her first few years of life. And for feeling so proud of all the important milestones and steps to maturity that this amazing person has accomplished.

Sometimes, it gets a little bittersweet. The years fly by, and somehow they turn into decades. It gets a little scary and weird to think you are now the proud parent of a full-grown adult. Ack! How did this happen and how, please tell me, may I turn back the hands of time so we both can go back to those precious baby days?!

Then, you find yourself one birthday evening, crashed out across the bed with your grown-up baby, eating big bowls of pasta at 11 p.m. and cracking each other up with snarky commentary while watching old Fast and Furious movies together. 

And you know, that's pretty precious too. 

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