Wednesday, February 20, 2013

iPhone Therapy

When I was in Tucson, Arizona this week, I accomplished two important tasks:

1. I worked out a phone deal with my fourth-born, in which various bits of hardware were bought, sold and swapped around so that in the end, we both ended up with new-to-us iPhones. 

2. Thanks to my aforementioned youngest's highly cultivated appetite, I ate an extraordinary amount of delicious food including this bag full of yummy from Chipotle Mexican Grill.

Which led to many scenes just like this one. The two of us, lingering over a meal with our phones in hand, doing various tasks of uploading, downloading, organizing and personalizing our new handsets. We swapped some contacts, critiqued the default wallpapers, debated the merits of various games, and wrestled with the age-old question: Safari or Chrome?

And while many critics of this postmodern era would click their tongues and shake their heads at our obsession with empty technologies that create walls instead of relationships, that strip meaning from everyday events, and that envelope us in an ongoing state of disconnect, I would disagree.

We had an awful lot of fun setting up our new phones together. 

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